Dornbacher Str. 20-30, 1170 Wien
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About Us

Our History

HealthTitbits began its history with a simple yet powerful idea - to create a place where taking care of health becomes an exceptional experience.

2008–2012: Beginning of the Journey

HealthTitbits was founded by a group of passionate doctors and specialists who joined forces to create a unique dental clinic. During these years, we have established our mission to provide outstanding dental services with a focus on individual attention.

2013–2017: Growth and Development

HealthTitbits has become a home for doctors who value quality and a human touch. We have expanded our services by introducing new technologies and bringing innovation to the dental field. Caring for patients has become the hallmark of our clinic.

2018–Present: The Evolution of Caring

Today HealthTitbits is a place where doctors with Austrian names and a team of professionals work with love for their profession. We provide services focused on care, innovation and outstanding care. Our patients are not just clients, they are part of our family.


Our achievements

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Our Smiling Patients

"Visiting HealthTitbits is not just a visit to the dentist. It is meeting a wonderful team that cares about my smile. Dr. Leon Steiner was a great professional, making every visit comfortable and painles!"

Maria Schmidt

"Sincere thanks to Dr. Anne Hofer for her professionalism and attention to detail. HealthTitbits is where my family and I receive the highest level of health care. Very pleased with the service."

Alexander Gruber

"Dr. Felix Gruber has been my dentist for many years. His attention to detail and professionalism create an atmosphere of trust. HealthTitbits is not just a clinic, it is a home for health care."

Emilia Winter